Interested in becoming a member of UTG?  Not sure what membership represents?

What You Get

You Pay Nothing

Membership of the UTG is free and has been that way since we started.


You Can Vote

Membership entitles you to vote on actions the Committee puts forward at our normal Committee meetings. It also entitles you to vote for elected representatives at our AGM, or put your name down to be an elected representative.


You Feel Great

Membership gives you the warm fuzzy feeling that you're doing that little bit more for the community and you're joining a group of like-minded individuals!


You Get Mail

But never too much – we email out the minutes for each Committee meeting we have. We like to be transparent about what we do for the community! We might also send the occasional notification for our events but we're pretty keen not to spam your inbox!


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Click on the membership form above, complete and sign it, then send it back to us and we'll look forward to seeing you!

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