About Us


The Upwey Township Group is a group open to all residents and supporters of Upwey. We are a 100% volunteer led organisation committed to improving the Upwey community.

Our Vision

  • That local residents and visitors enjoy being in Upwey because it provides the best of both worlds - it has country friendliness with city convenience

  • That people feel safe and secure and believe Upwey is a pleasant village in which to spend time

  • That Upwey people feel a sense of pride in belonging to their community

Our History

The Upwey Township Group (UTG) had its origins with the Upwey Village Consultative Committee (UVCC) which was started in the late 1980s. The main purpose of the UVCC was to steer the Shire Council in allocating money for the township of Upwey and to prioritise the works that were to be done.

We were first registered as an Incorporated Association on 12 July 1996. In 2007, the existing Upwey Traders Group merged with the UVCC to then form the Upwey Township Group Incorporated, a structure which we have held to the current day.

As well as providing an important link to the community for the Shire, UTG initiates projects and is guided by our four Ls: Listening, Linking, Launching, Lobbying.


Do you have have local concerns or a good idea? UTG aims to resolve issues and discuss ideas raised by residents and organisations at our meetings. We listen and we care!


It's great connecting our residents with Upwey's fantastic organisations and clubs, including:

  • Burrinja

  • All our local schools

  • RSL

  • CFA

  • Friends of Glenfern Valley Bushlands


Many worthwhile projects and events have been initiated by UTG, for example:

  • Billycart Races

  • Murals

  • Graffiti-clean town

  • Project Upwey


We've had many successful outcomes on a range of topics and projects. An important role of UTG is to lobby Council to issues specific to Upwey with a view to improving our township and secure a fair hearing. We also meet with other township groups across the Shire.

UTG applies for grants at all levels of government and the private sector, as well as raising its own funds, to assist in the administration of the group and to run the various projects.  Throughout its history, our focus has always been on activities that benefit Upwey, with all of our projects initiated and delivered through the efforts and time of local community volunteers.

Child-safe Policy


UTG is committed to child safety, and our events are run in accordance with our Child-safe Policy.

Our Structure


We are an incorporated association with a small volunteer committee of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer as well as ordinary members.

All members are welcome to attend our Committee meetings which are held quarterly. Working groups for the many projects and activities meet regularly as required. Members and the broader community are updated regularly via email and Facebook.



Membership of the Upwey Township Group is free and open to all residents and supporters of Upwey. 

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PO Box 1352 Upwey 3158 Vic​​​