The Upwey Township Group (UTG) is a volunteer group of residents and interested community members committed to improving Upwey

We organise community events, help keep Upwey clean and beautiful, promote the arts, and we're gearing up for a massive celebration in 2020 with a calendar full of exciting events.


We work closely with community and business associations including schools, sporting clubs, Project Upwey, the CFA, RSL, Scouts, and Businesses of Upwey.

There's a lot going on in Upwey and we always welcome new members. Get involved, make connections, or start a new project. We'd love to see you around our beautiful town!

Spotted an unsightly graffiti tag around Upwey? Report it to our anti-graffiti crew and we'll get out and clean it up as soon as we can.

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PO Box 1352 Upwey 3158 Vic​​​